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new year! new baby!

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new year! new baby!  and hopefully a little more frequent updates on this neglected website of mine!  

i've had the pleasure of watching this family grow from a family of three to a family of four and from my afternoon with them, they made the transition seamlessly!

i love newborn sessions, i get to hold a baby, clients get photos - win-win!  

glimpses of my october.

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i'm back.  i missed september's blog circle because life got in the way and i couldn't keep up with personal photos.  this month is barely better, but it's important to me to work on personal photos - it's the reason why i got so enamoured with photography in the first place!  

october - it's back in the thick of the busy fall schedule with kids.  it's also shorter days, which i find challenging.  by the time we all get home from school and work - it's so dark; it's hard to be inspired to take photographs....but i trudge on.

here is a glimpse of my crazy october.  when you're done here, go see amanda and her two adorable kidlets...her photography is so inspiring!!

october glimpse 011.jpg
october glimpse 012.jpg

family of three.

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this shoot confirmed it for me once again....i love love love photographing young families. something about the newness of being a family - the way moms and dads look at their babies and the way a child's eyes light up - it's my favourite. 

here are some of my favourites from my session with this family of three. this little girl would have been perfectly happy if her parents swung her through the air the entire session long <3 

WEB READY Vuong Family 021.jpg

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