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glimpses of my july.

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i confess.  i've been taking a picture a day this year.  it seems that i cannot quit the 365 addiction. i haven't been sharing many of my daily pictures this year so when the call out to join this blog circle came, i thought this would be a good place to post some of my favourites to share.  plus, being in the company of these talented photographers - well, it was a no brainer :) 

this probably wasn't the best month for me to join in as my muses were gone for most of july.  i'm very fortunate to have family who take my kids on great aunt who took them to parksville, bc for a few days and then they were off to 'camp grandparents' up in the interior of bc, canada.  i still took a picture a day while they were gone but really, they are my inspiration, so posting pictures other than them just doesn't feel right to me.  soon they will tire of my picture taking, so i will have to look for other inspiration to feed my photography need, but for now - pictures of my kids is what you get!

be sure to follow the blog circle and check out the talented photographers i am in company with.  link to next blog is at the end of this post.  

here is a glimpse of my july: