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chasing blooms.

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if you are from the lower mainland, bc - you'll recall we had a pretty mild winter and a pretty fabulous february.  all the blooms came earlier than normal and february and early march were oh so pretty.  i had planned to take this family's photos back in the fall - mom specifically wanted portraits amongst the cherry blossoms.  so we scheduled, and then it rained and rained and rained. we scheduled again and sickness hit....and then the cherry blossoms were gone.  we scheduled once again and all the stars aligned....sunny day, nobody sick and we caught the very tail end of the second round of cherry blossoms.  hooray!

though the cherry blossoms are gone for the season - there are plenty of other blooms perfect for a family session backdrop!  may is booked up - but there's still availability for summer sessions - i love backyard evening family sessions - bubbles, sprinklers, ice cream!  contact me if you'd like more information :)

here are some of my favourites from this family's session.....

vancouver, bc - family photographer