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this past summer i was out and about town running errands with my kids when i got a phone call.  i didn't notice the name on the display so did not bother to answer and let it go to voicemail.  a couple of hours later, a call came through once again from the same number - so i answered in a flurry to a "hi maria, this is mrs. chan!"  i stood in the middle of the store with my kids running around like crazies and excitedly realized that my kids' bestest music teacher in the world ((BMTITW) and not to be confused with the BTITW !) was on the phone asking me if i was interested in photographing her eldest daughter's wedding!  well - that was a no-brainer...absolutely!

i met up with the bride & groom to be and their families for a little get to know each other session on a lovely autumn evening up on burnaby mountain.  it was such a pleasure to photograph them and document the love and laughter of these two families combined.  i left the session thinking about my own family.  I always worry that as my kids age, they will grow apart and that the closeness they have with me and my husband will also wane as they get older.  these two families inspired me and confirmed for me that this closeness i have with my kids doesn't have to end as they get older and that if i play my cards right, it will likely get stronger.

looking forward to documenting the official merging of these two families next july!

and the couple that started this all....(drumroll)

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