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if you've been following along on my blog, these two handsome gents aren't new faces to you....they were my last family shoot of 2013 and as i've previously gloated, one of them was my daughter's super awesome first grade teacher, and to this day, she still dubs him as the BTITW (bestest teacher in the world).  so what do you when the BTITW asks if you will photograph his wedding?  you clear your calendar and bite your nails nervously in anticipation of how great the wedding will be.....

thank you irvin & kevin for trusting me to capture your oh so very perfect day.  i loved everything about it and you know it's a good wedding when you are tearing up whilst trying to look through the viewfinder of your camera!

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#samsonbursey guests!!! want to see more?  irvin & kevin have shared their entire wedding day gallery with you and you are able to download web-sized images click #samsonbursey for the gallery (email registration is required!)  enjoy!

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