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the big mango.

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one thing i will always remember about my childhood friend, claire, is how very sad she was at 12 years old to move to new york city.  i admit, back then, when i learned of her and her family packing up and moving their lives to new york city - i thought it was possibly the worst thing.  of course, thinking about it now, if i had the opportunity to live in new york....i'm pretty sure i would take it!  anyway, claire was so sad to move the big apple....vancouver was the big mango to her (a far superior fruit in her opinion) and she didn't want to leave it behind.

claire and her family were back in the big mango this august for a family wedding and the canadian launch for her book Don't Forget the Soap it was great to catch up and photograph her family.  smiles and laughter....there was no shortage of these in this session :)

here are some of my favourites (there are a lot!) of claire, alex, carlos, isa, my uncle didi, tita nore and justin.

moore family - blog033.jpg

and last but not least....the two that started this all :)

vancouver, bc - family photographer