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beautiful home, beautiful family.

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to be totally honest, one of the many joys of being a photographer (for me), is being welcomed into client's houses.  i love to see how other people live, how they decorate, and the personal touches they do to make their house a home.  this house was no exception.  the little girl's and the boy's rooms were just so perfect and fit each of their personalities so well.  oh, and the kitchen....i had kitchen envy, for sure.

i also love taking portraits in the family home because everyone is just more relaxed, comfortable and family photos on beds and big comfy couches are just the best.  so if you shy away from taking photos in your home....don't!  because when you look back in twenty years, you'll have such fond memories looking at the pictures of you and your family in your home.  

here are some of my favourites of my morning with these four.  

BLOG Trudeau 07.jpg
BLOG Trudeau 12.jpg
BLOG Trudeau 26.jpg

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