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a 60th birthday present.

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well....i have to say, in the little over a year that i've been photographing other people, i've had really great luck with weather cooperating on outdoor photo sessions.  so when i was told that we'd proceed rain or shine with this shoot, i thought i'd have luck on my side and my streak of cooperative weather would continue.  well....let's just say that we didn't have rain or shine....rather we had snow.  lots and lots of blowing snow.  luckily, a local restaurant took pity on us and let us take some portraits in their front lobby.

this photo session was a gift from these 3 siblings to their father on his 60th birthday.  the daughter flew into town all the way from australia to celebrate with her family....she was only here for a few short days...hence why the shoot had to push through rain or shine....or snow.

here are some of my favourite from this blizzardy family session.

Hickey 02.jpg
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