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10 on 10 - september.

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september already.  

i had planned that my 10 on 10 this month would be a back to school post....but here in british columbia, no such luck.  the labour dispute between the teachers and the government drags on and with my husband being a teacher involved in said dispute...well, lets just say we've had a frugal summer.

enough feeling sorry for myself!  despite the labour unrest, this has been a good summer and i declare it the summer my kids found freedom on their bikes and the summer i held my breath and shrieked with fear each time they tried something new on them.  they are getting more brave each day and decided to challenge the grass hills up at their school the evening i took these pictures.  

a bit weird, normally sam is the daredevil - but this time it was nola who decided to go down the hill first and sam sat on the sidelines scared.  he didn't admit he was scared at first. instead, he pulled his routine of being angry at everyone for one reason or another, but he later admitted that he was just too frightened to go down the steep hill.  after watching nola go down a few times, he decided she couldn't have all the fun and he went for it.  then it was nearly impossible for us to leave.

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