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10 on 10 - november.

10 on 10Maria Angerilli3 Comments

another month just flew by and i was caught once again scrambling to pull this post together.  admittedly, i've struggled in the past few months to keep up with this project.  life is busy and lately, it just is hard to shoot personal work.  but i muster through, because i know when i look back it this, i will be happy that i did it.  each month, i think next month i will have a better, well thought out post...but really, i'm pretty sure when i look back at my family pictures, it's the mundane, everyday images that will make me smile the most.  so here is this month's 10 on 10 - saturday morning at the breakfast table....where so many fond memories of my kids are made.

follow the circle across canada - link at the end of this post....enjoy!