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10 on 10 - may.

10 on 10Maria Angerilli9 Comments

welcome to the 5th instalment of 10 on 10 canadian edition!!  our little group has really expanded this month...we've gone from 5 to 11 photographers in our blog circle!

like the previous few months, my 10 photos come from a series of photos taken in about the span of less than 10 minutes - in this case, probably more like in the span of 3 minutes!  this month's 10 photos are all about sam.  if you follow my 52 week project, my week 18 post talks about how sam is in this phase of reenacting things he used to do when he was a baby.  so, when i saw him lying on the couch in the pretty window light, i decided to try and photograph him like a newborn - it made me giggle - my 6 year old and me trying to capture all the details of him like he was a wee baby.  anyway here he is, my 6 year old...including the chocolate pudding stain on his face.

be sure to follow the circle to see what's happening across canada.  link to next photographer at end of post....thanks for following along!