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10 on 10 - february.

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welcome to the 2nd edition of 10 on 10 - canadian edition!  be sure to follow the circle across canada to see the other 10 on 10 posts (link at the end of post).

nola and ava are first cousins and are 5 months apart.  they've pretty much loved each other from the moment they realized the other existed, which is surprising because when they were in utero, my sister and i were emotional messes and not exactly the nicest to each other (so glad this didn't transfer over to them)!  these two can gab and giggle for hours on end; they get along so well that i can't even recall a time when they've fought....pretty impressive for two little girls coming from a lineage of fiery women.  

1 week in hawaii escaping the winter was without a doubt, heaven.  but for nola, 1 week in hawaii with her BCF (best cousin forever), no words can describe the fun had and memories made in that one short week.  so here it is...a tale of two cousins one day in waikiki....

10 on 10 february02.jpg
10 on 10 february03.jpg
10 on 10 february04.jpg
10 on 10 february05.jpg
10 on 10 february06.jpg
10 on 10 february07.jpg
10 on 10 february08.jpg
10 on 10 february09.jpg
10 on 10 february10.jpg

and a bonus picture....just because i'm so pleasantly surprised with how the photos from an underwater disposable film camera turned out!

10 on 10 february11.jpg

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