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10 on 10 - december.

Maria Angerilli2 Comments

and here it is....the last installment of this all Canadian 10 on 10 blog circle.  each month i scrambled to get something and now it's the last entry.  scares me how fast this year went.  i'm thankful for connecting with the ladies in this group and thankful for the push this project gave me to document my family's everyday.

this might just be my favourite entry all year.  the first snow of the season.  the excitement i heard in my son's voice when he woke up on november 30th and saw the snow.  it was 7:30 in the morning and he begged us to go outside and stomp around.  and so we did.  i'm sure our neighbours just loved us that saturday morning.

thank you for following along...and as always, be sure to follow the circle - link at the end of this post.  enjoy!