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10 on 10 - august.

Maria Angerilli3 Comments

august?  crazy talk.  this summer is going fast!

welcome to this month's instalment of 10 on 10 - Canadian Edition!  be sure to follow the blog link at the end of this post to see what's happening across Canada.

it was down to the wire to get this month's post.  i shot these just last night.  i admit, they still need a lot of work, but i had to try...mostly because just last week i was second shooting a wedding and the couple wanted a 'sparkler' shot.  the main photographer would not be there, so it was on me to get the shot.  lucky for me, they couldn't find the sparklers.  anyway, i had 4 willing participants last we gave it a go.  they had fun...i got to practice.

now head on to Lisa from Prairie Lane Photography....thanks for following along!