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10 on 10. august.

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this month i'm excited to be joining a 10 on 10 project.  the idea is to document everyday life and post 10 photographs taken on the 10th of the month.  what i especially like about this project (in comparison to my photo a day project) is that it's my chance to tell a story of our day.  i am joining B Life Photography, Belinda Fontes Photography,  and Photography by Jen Davis on this, so be sure to follow the circle! link to the next blog following the images below...

we drove up to salmon arm to drop the kids off at their grandparents.  we stayed a couple of days to get them settled before leaving them for a week.  i'm sure they will have a great time being spoiled and will have plenty of stories to tell us when they get back.  as for me, i will have the extra challenge of doing my 365 day project without my muses....(not ashamed to admit it - i already miss them so much) 

taking over the grandparents' bed. 

sam in heaven - fruit loops for breakfast. 

yellow and green house. 

morning chore - feeding the hens. 


lake boardwalk. 

tired legs. 

ukulele jam session with grandma. 


shucking corn for dinner. 


aug 10on10 01.jpg
aug 10on10 02.jpg
aug 10on10 03.jpg
aug 10on10 04.jpg
aug 10on10 05.jpg
aug 10on10 06.jpg
aug 10on10 07.jpg
aug 10on10 09.jpg
aug 10on10 08.jpg
aug 10on10 10.jpg

now - head on over to Photography By Jen Davis and see what her 10 on 10 looked like :)

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