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30 minutes in the life of. july edition.

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it's been so hot in vancouver this july.  hot for vancouver that is.  the forecast says that we are going to break some records this month - i feel like it hasn't rained in forever...   

nola and sam are loving the heat and have taken to cooling off with a pre-bedtime water fight most nights.  not gonna lie, these water fight sessions have, on more than a few occasions, replaced their much needed baths (insert guilty emoticon here).  it's summer, it's hot and i'm lazy. 

i joined a group of fellow picture takers in a project this month.  the idea is to document our life in the span of 30 minutes.  this is what my 30 minutes looked like on a hot day in july... 

(be sure to see the next photographer's 30 minutes - link following the images below) 

30 min july 01.jpg
30 min july 02.jpg
30 min july 03.jpg
30 min july 04.jpg
30 min july 05.jpg
30 min july 06.jpg
30 min july 10.jpg
30 min july 12.jpg

now go and check out:  Amanda Voelker - Naples, Italy Fine Art Portraiture - i'm not at all jealous that she lives italy....nope, not at all ;)