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the millenium bridge at colony farm.

projects, my family, childrenMaria AngerilliComment

i've been wanting to go to colony farm park for some time - everyone has told me how beautiful it is.  project 12's 'bridge' challenge was the incentive for me to finally take the kids down for a walk at the park.   

colony farm is beautiful - so much wildlife to be seen and heard.  it's strange that this park, so close to residences, still feels so secluded and eerily quiet.  as pretty as it is, i couldn't shake an uncomfortable feeling about the place...i don't think i will be going back anytime soon.  

here are some pictures from our excursion. 


project 12 bridge 01.jpg
project 12 bridge 02.jpg
project 12 bridge 03.jpg
project 12 bridge 04.jpg
project 12 bridge 05.jpg
project 12 bridge 06.jpg
project 12 bridge 07.jpg
project 12 bridge 08.jpg