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lucia is two

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lucia turned two this past weekend.  my kids adore this little girl and love being her 'older' friends from the house next door.   

lucia's parents had the right idea for a birthday party.  they invited 10 of her little pals and held her party at a local gymnasium outfitted with padded toys, jungle gyms, pedal cars, balls, hula hoops and much more.  the kids got to run around and exert their energy - and i definitely got a bit of a workout as well!  

here are some pictures of lucia at her party.  

Lucia sneak peek 143.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 07.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 08.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 09.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 12.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 23.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 68.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 14.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 15.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 31.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 32.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 33.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 78.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 122.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 69.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 28.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 79.jpg
Lucia sneak peek 81.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's 2nd 105.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's cake 01.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's cake 02.jpg
WEB READY Lucia's cake 03.jpg

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