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henny and mike are having a baby.

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i knew i would have a difficult time thinking of something to write for this post.  us rebodos sisters aren't overly affectionate with each other, but i have to admit, seeing henny pregnant is pretty great.  

henny is the baby of the family and the last of us three sisters to be pregnant.  amy (my eldest sister) and i have enjoyed freaking henny out about labour, post partum hormones, parenthood, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, etc.  we figure it's our job as older sisters to tell her the reality of it all and not glamourize it...and really, it's just fun to watch her squirm.

henny, what we haven't said (but hope you can see from the way we adoringly look at our always perfectly behaved children - insert sarcastic emoticon here) is having a child is really one of the best things you will accomplish in your life.  the love you feel for your child is nothing that can be explained in see their eyes light up when you walk in the room, to be the person that can bring comfort to them when they are hurt, to hear the many, many stories that they have to tell you, to hear them say i love you - it really is the best.  you have been a great aunt to 6 nieces and nephews, i can only imagine what a great mother you will be.  

mike, i can tell how absolutely in love you are with this baby already; you are going to be a fantastic dad.  i wish i could say that once the baby is out, mood swings will lessen, but sorry to say....i fear you will be on a whole other roller coaster of emotions with henny!

enough with this mushy are some pictures of the proud parents to be. 


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