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photographing the photographer.

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in the past year, i've had the opportunity to assist photographer jana vackova.  she's an amazing photographer and i just love watching her work and interact with her clients. at the latest wedding that i assisted her with, she was 36 weeks pregnant with TWINS!! her belly full of babies didn't hold her back, she was amazing as ever.   

i visited her and her newborn babes this past weekend.  i know that the babies are going to be well photographed having a mom as a photographer, but i was pretty sure that she doesn't get much of an opportunity to be in the photos as well.  so i worked up the courage and offered to take a few snaps of her and her family.  needless to say, i was a nervous wreck taking pictures for jana.  but she is so lovely, that i got over it pretty quick.  she looks so smitten, doesn't she? 


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