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spring break.

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a picture a day - MARCH

sooner or later sam is going to start complaining that nola's birthday always seems to coincide with a vacation of some sort.  well, it just turns out that her birthday happens over spring break and not like his, which is just after christmas (when we are dirt broke and too tired from christmas festivities to actually want to plan anything for the tail end of christmas break). 

our spring break started off with a trip south of the border. i had never heard of great wolf lodge until this year.  wow.  this place was pretty amazing.  a giant hotel catered towards kids.  nola and sam's jaws dropped as we drove up.  the entrance was grand and the view of the amazing waterpark from the floor-to-ceiling window in the lobby was even more impressive.  the kids had a great time in the waterpark, where there were wave pools, a giant fort, spray guns, and crazy water slides.  the hotel also had tonnes of other things to do when you got tired of the water - arcades, shops, story time and a hotel wide scavenger hunt where the kids used their magic wands to complete quests to become master magis.  on top of all this fun stuff, the kids were also lucky to have our friends from victoria join us on the nola said, "mommy, i love you and daddy...but having elise and olivia here makes it super fun...cuz they're kids, you know."


GWL Seattle 2012_3.jpg
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we broke up the drive back by stopping in seattle for a few hours.  we did the typical tourist thing and explored the pike place market.  the few hours in seattle reminded me how great the city is - i definitely want to plan a longer trip down there with the kids and explore more.  the highlight of the city for the kids was seeing the seattle gum wall....we all chewed some gum and left our dna on that germ infested back alley wall. 

GWL Seattle 2012_68.jpg
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GWL Seattle 2012_120.jpg

my feet.  to prove i was there too.

GWL Seattle 2012_151.jpg

we also spent our spring break vacation being tourists in our own city.  we went to the burnaby village museum where we looked at buildings and artifacts from the pioneer times.  the museum also had a scavenger hunt throughout the grounds.  while it was a sunny, rainy free day - it was certainly cold!!!  

March 21-23_34.jpg
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the last week of march was really warm and sunny.  we took advantage by going for evening strolls and we discovered this nice walk along the fraser river. 

Fraser River.jpg
Fraser River-3.jpg
Fraser River-2.jpg

and the finale to spring break was easter - spent with cousins...and lots of chocolate.   

i also managed to continue with my 365 day if you've been following along, march pictures are posted.   

hope you were fortunate to have some time off this spring break.  countdown to summer break starts now.

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Easter egg hunt.jpg

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