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nola's (it's not a birthday party year) spa-jama party.

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nola turns 7 on the 19th of march.  i was set on sticking to my "birthday party only every other year" rule.  parties are hard work and really, to make it special, it should only be an every other year kind of thing.  well, i blame this on my friend belinda. her daughter elise is 11 days older than nola.  she got it into my head that nola should have a party - that there are only a few more years where i can spoil her with these types of parties.  so i got suckered in.  i stole belinda's 'spa-jama' theme and over many iMessage exchanges, we obsessed over every last detail of our daughters' 7th birthday extravaganzas and both got a wee bit carried away.

the party was a huge success.  nola had a fantastic time and i think her little girlfriends did as well.  the girls made their own bracelets, had a facial, manicure and pedicure.  when they were all cleansed and relaxed from their spa treatments, they sat on the living room floor and had pizza and watched the newest barbie movie....good times!  my house still smells like a spa...

i was also fortunate to trade some photo services for some absolutely fantastic party favours.  based on the girls' high pitched giggles, i think they were pleased with their little goodies as well.  if you are ever in the market for party favours, i highly recommend party by donna.

across the juan de fuca strait in victoria, this was happening simultaneously.

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