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nola and sam's day off.

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sam and i were sick all last weekend, and on sunday night, nola started to complain about not feeling so well.  we all needed another day off - for sam and i, we needed to recover, and nola...she needed an easy day to fight off her aches and pains (i really think she was just jealous that sam and i were staying home....).  anyway, being couped up all weekend, we needed to get out and get some fresh air - so we went out for a walk along the coquitlam river, then to downtown poco for a treat from the european bakery and a game of tag in the town square.  was nice to get some non-iphone pics of my two lovelies...haven't been very good about doing this lately!

Nola & SamDec 3 2012_2 b&w.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_3 b&w.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_26.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_16.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_19.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_44 b&w.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_53 b&w.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_49.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_95.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_88.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_89.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_120.jpg
Nola & SamDec 3 2012_121.jpg