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whoop it, gangnam style.

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i might be a little late in all the whole gangnam style craze - but i couldn't help but name this journal post after it.  the mom warned me that her kids were a bit shy, and after trying my handful of poorly executed jokes, i decided to ask them if they knew what gangnam style was...and that sure brought out the giggles and smiles.  the boys were ready to show me their moves and their graceful dancer of a sister, giggled at her silly brothers.  it was hard to choose which photos to post...but here are some of my favourites.

VanDrunen Family048.jpg
VanDrunen Family047.jpg
VanDrunen Family051.jpg
VanDrunen Family017.jpg
VanDrunen Family014.jpg
VanDrunen Family021.jpg
VanDrunen Family053.jpg
VanDrunen Family035.jpg
VanDrunen Family003.jpg
VanDrunen Family078.jpg
VanDrunen Family066.jpg
VanDrunen Family058.jpg
VanDrunen Family060.jpg